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FREE step-by-step guide for tying
the knot without becoming

Bride's Survival Guide


Your 128-page Bride's Survival Guide will be mailed out to Ontario couples upon your request for absolutely free! We show you how to get the best deals from suppliers. Without sacrificing quality.

As the times have changed we have been able to provide you with tips on saving money, answers to your etiquette questions, solutions to tough family problems, and ideas on how to make your wedding unique.

Online Bridal Show


Without line ups and admission fees this show is everywhere you go and on any device! You can choose your location and even get free sway for ʻattendingʼ. Enjoy!

Your Magazine Hub


Between our 3 Ontario wedding publications you are bound to find what you are looking for. Whether it be pictorials, advice, real life weddings in your area or tips & techniques, we've got you covered!

Ontario Wedding Shows


There are many Wedding/Bridal Shows to choose from with different styles, price points and locations. Check out this list to help you decide which one(s) suit your needs best.

Your Wedding.
Your Vision.
Your Choice.


It's always easy to hear how someone else thinks you should do things. Here, we help you decide what YOU want... and how

to get it!

Always willing to listen


Interested in being featured in the magazine? Have a great idea you would like to share? Wanting to get your brand recognized infront of Ontario couples? Give us a call and we can talk about the possabilities!

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