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Getting That Glow: Self Tanning Tips & Recommendations

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There are two things that we all know to be true: tanning in the sun or in a bed is harmful to your skin, and weddings are expensive. Today I am here with some suggestions that help you get the glow you’ve been dreaming of, without breaking the bank. Aka: Self-tanning. 4 Dos Exfoliate before you tan using your favourite body scrub, or a loofa with some body wash. Pay special attention to any dry patches you may have such as elbows and knees! Shave before you tan. Doing so after will exfoliate your skin and remove some of your tan. Let your tan set before showering, and getting dressed. It could bleed away, or ruin your favourite shirt! Follow the instructions of the product you are using! 3 Don’ts Apply any to your face! You shouldn’t be going too many shades off of your natural skin tone. Your makeup artist can help blend your face to your neck with the right mix of foundation abd bronzer. Don’t forget to wear gloves, and to apply self tanner to the tops of your hands when you take them off. Don’t try a new product days before your wedding. Risking a reaction (or orange skin!) is not worth it. There are many products on the market, so I suggest that you look up reviews of the products you are interested in before buying them. However, I wanted to take a moment to share with you two products that work really well for me. The first is St. Tropez Gradual In Shower Lotion. This product retails for $35 and is ridiculously easy to use. Once you are done showering you simply apply the lotion all over your body, and then wait in the shower for three minutes. When three minutes is up turn the water back on and rinse it away. I like to apply it every other day for six days. At the end of my third application I have a beautiful subtle bronze glow that leaves me looking sun-kissed, but not orange. I love this product because once you step out of the shower there is no risk of your tan rubbing off on your sheets or outfit (or wedding dress!). I mentioned not applying self-tanner to your face. Clarins has an excellent product to warm up your face with out over-doing it. Just apply a few drops of the Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster to your favourite morning moisturizer, mix it together and apply as usual. Doing this a few times will darken the skin on your face to match your at-home tan, again, without over doing it.


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