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COVID-19 affecting your wedding plans?

There are many variables to consider when planning in today's world

I have to cancel my Wedding Plans – Now What? You are not alone when you ask this question. With COVID-19, venues are closing and people are not allowed to congregate, and you’ve paid a deposit. At Wedding Essentials, our editorial team reached out to the Chief Marketing Officer of Azazie, Ranu Coleman. Ranu suggests that you should postpone if necessary, but don’t cancel. If you are a bride getting married in May or June, it makes sense to postpone your wedding to late Summer or Fall. However, it does not make sense to cancel from a financial standpoint, you will lose deposits, instead, you can use those deposits at a later date. You should, however, reach out immediately to your venue and each of your vendors and discuss your concerns and what their policy will be in this instance. Find out what other dates are available and see if you can find one that works for you. Hire a planner, or at least follow the suggestions in The Bride’s Survival Guide to take away some of the unnecessary stress and panic. Having a plan can smooth over the uncertainty of COVID-19 and gives you the confidence to research or ask your planner for guidance. Ranu also suggests you might want to have a small outdoor wedding now with just close family and do a bigger reception in the Fall/ Winter. Some may prefer to elope now and plan a larger ceremony/wedding when the time feels right! It is important to celebrate your love and find a way to still marry your best friend. It’s more important than ever to have love and happiness amidst all that is happening. Weddings are still going to take place; we just have to be innovative on what it will look like. Live stream your ceremony for your family/ friends and then spend time together as a newlywed couple, perhaps as staycation with champagne and all your favourite foods! Now is the time to embrace technology. Take advantage of technology to help streamline the planning process (schedule video calls, schedule online 360 virtual tours of venues, use a mobile planning app, order your dress online, take advantage of online chat etc). You can still do that now and then schedule something a year out. Ranu reminds you that you can buy your wedding bridesmaid dresses online. Azazie offers a virtual showroom feature and a sample program that makes it seamless and easy to do from home. Ranu Coleman is the CMO of Azazie The Bride’s Survival Guide is published by Wedding Essentials and can be ordered in Ontario for free at

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