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Love, Poetry Corsets

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Help strengthen & define your core muscles

At Love, Poetry Corsets we want you to love yourself and feel sexy just the way you are! We understand and cater to the desire to look extra sexy for a night out, or for that special someone, or even desiring a slightly more hourglass figure. We don’t, however, want you to feel like you have to wear a corset all the time to be sexy! So, we rarely make corsets for waist training, but we do have plenty of beautiful, ornate corsets, (and will gladly do custom orders) to make you feel like a million bucks!

Wearing a corset will make you more aware of your posture, and sitting or standing up straight will help strengthen and define your core muscles. You instantly look thinner standing up straight, than you do slouched. Wearing a corset will also help you to stop overeating, contributing greatly to weightless.

Fittings are by appt only, so please contact us to schedule one!

London: 519-719-2004, Toronto: 647-284-2497