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10 Creative uses for string lights at your wedding reception

Looking for a fun way to add a unique touch to your reception lighting? Consider using string lights. This versatile option lets you personalize the space and create a mood that’s elegant and romantic. They fit with almost any reception theme and are affordable for just about any budget. Check out the wedding reception space to make sure there are plenty of power outlets and bring along some extension cords, then get creative with lighting. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

1. WRAP THE RAFTERS Take advantage of exposed rafters by wrapping them in string lights. It dresses up the space and attracts the eyes of your guests.

2. HANG LIGHTS ABOVE OUTDOOR TABLES Planning an outdoor reception? Try hanging rows of lights above the tables to create a ceiling that provides additional lighting and a festive ambiance.

3. DESIGN A PHOTO DISPLAY Photos are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding reception. Hang some of your favorite shots with your sweetheart on strings of lights for a warm and creative display.

4. CREATE A BACKDROP Highlight a key area of the reception space by draping a wall of string lights behind the area. The cake table is a great option, or add a brilliant backdrop to a photo booth.

5. BUILD A TENT Suspend string lights above your reception tables from a central location to create the feel of a tent. It brightens up the space and creates a stunning visual centerpiece.

6. ADD LIGHTS TO A GARLAND Wrap string lights around greenery to add extra beauty to the décor. Or create a garland by using florist wire to attach small pieces of greenery to the cord between the lights.

7. HIGHLIGHT FOCAL POINTS If you have certain pieces of décor that you want to stand out, wrap them with string lights.

8. LIGHT UP THE TREES For outdoor receptions with trees in the area, try lighting things up by wrapping the tree trunks and branches with string lights. Or bring a touch of the outdoors inside by decorating the reception space with branches wrapped in lights.

9. MIX AND MATCH String lights work great with other types of lighting, so it’s fun to mix and match your options. For example, string lights overhead and paper lanterns on the ground create a cozy space that’s perfect for a beach wedding.

10. EMPHASIZE AN AREA Making the dance floor, bar, or other area stand out is simple with string lights. Hang them over the area you want to emphasize to highlight that space.

Give your reception space a more romantic feel with string lights. Try some of these ideas or use them to inspire your own special lighting for a beautiful wedding day.


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