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Flood-Day Wedding! Full of special moments

Back Story: Wedding Essentials Summer/Fall 2014 Edition, Cover. PHOTO: Siva Haran, DIVINEMETHOD Photography

The cover image of Vinojaa & Gajan from the Summer/Fall issue of Wedding Essentials was taken moments after they exited Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto, having just taken their marriage vows. This intimate shot, taken by Siva Haran of DIVINEMETHOD Photography, captures the couple’s first embrace as husband and wife.

Their wedding day was full of special moments and surprises, some anticipated, others totally unexpected.

For starters, it was the bride's birthday; a year to the date when her husband-to-be had met her mother.

The duo, of Sri Lankan heritage, took their vows on the day that Ontario experienced its most expensive natural disaster, due to storms, heavy rainfall and flash flooding in July of 2013. The weather before the ceremony was like any other July day, but by the time they emerged from the church, Mother Nature had caused widespread power outages and flooding.

Fortunately, the wedding reception was being held in a venue with backup generators, Panorama Lounge, towering 51 stories above the flooded streets of Toronto. Panorama was very important for the couple because it was where Gajan had proposed to Vinojaa.

Vinojaa and Gajan's journey to the altar is a story of love and unwavering support. Not long after they met and were embarking on a serious relationship, Vinojaa's mother, her "best friend", had a serious stroke and required brain surgery. Her condition necessitates her remaining under continuous medical care.

Because Vinojaa was at the hospital every day after work, she made only two choices for her wedding – her gown and her shoes. She knew she had found her perfect wedding gown when she slipped it on and Train’s Marry Me, the song she had chosen for her walk down the aisle, began playing in the bridal salon.

All the other details were planned within a month by her groom; Vinojaa reports that it was a wonderful wedding day because "it was full of so many surprises for me - I felt, and feel, truly blessed.”

Vinojaa obtained special permission for her mother to leave the hospital on the wedding day. She surprised her mom with a makeover, dressing her up in the last saree she had worn before falling ill. Mother and daughter shed tears of joy, leading the makeup artist to redo her work!

Although her mother wasn't able to attend the reception, Vinojaa was so happy that she was able to "be a witness to our love" at the wedding ceremony.

Vinojaa & Gajan, we wish you the very best as you walk side by side into the future, in love...and showers of blessings.

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