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How to choose a Photographer

Leading photographers share their experience and expertise to help you in the selection process. PHOTO: Dmitri Markine, Dmitri Markine Fine Art Photography Bride and Groom: Alice & Felix

KEY QUESTIONS How much experience shooting weddings does the photographer have? There is a huge difference between a photographer who has shot 40-50 weddings and one who has shot 200 or more. If you are having a cultural wedding, inquire if the photographer has shot similar weddings and ask to see a sample. If you are booking a studio, ask who exactly the photographer for your wedding will be. Make sure that information is in the contract. I hear way too often about studios that on the day of the wedding send photographers who barely have any experience instead of the one they promised to the client. Ask if you are the photographer’s only wedding for that weekend. You don’t want to be the 2nd or 3rd couple as your photographer will be physically and mentally exhausted and will not produce the results you were hoping for. Will any of the images you received from the wedding be edited? How long will it take to have the images ready? Find out how many will be edited and exactly what editing is going to take place. Often photographers only colour-correct the photographs, putting their fully edited photographs on their website or in your album. Find out exactly what editing is being given with the package you are paying for and what will be at an additional charge. While some photographers can have everything edited and ready in 1-3 weeks, other studios may need 6 months or more. Ask why the photographer is doing weddings. There are so many fields of photography such as sport, fashion, family, landscape, travel, wildlife, etc. Check to see if your photographer has non-wedding examples as it will help you to discern if there is passion for the craft and that it’s not just a job that pays.

MISTAKES Probably the biggest mistake a couple can make is setting their photography budget too low as they listen to advice from family members who got married 15-20 years ago or their friends who had a budget photographer from craigslist. While having a budget is very important, it needs to be realistic, current and reflect the environment you are in.

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