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The round-abouts of rings

The groom traditionally selects the engagement ring and surprises the bride with the proposal and ring. Although this sounds exciting and romantic, the groom's taste in rings may be quite different from yours. If your marriage proposal comes before your engagement ring -- and if you are particular about your jewellery -- suggest that you select your rings together.

The traditional engagement ring is a single band with a solitary diamond. The wedding band is a single band made of the same material as the engagement ring. Matching ring sets are very popular. You both wear the same style wedding band, yours a smaller version of the groom's. If you want matching wedding bands but don't want to give up the diamonds, wear an engagement ring that complements your wedding band.

Choose a style that looks good with your hands and fingers. Narrow bands with a single stone look great on petite hands. The bold designs with wide bands look best on larger hands. If you plan to wear your ring every day, select a stone and setting that will withstand the daily abuse of household work and sporting activities. Caution: Avoid pearls placed in high settings.

Some experts suggest that the wedding ring budget not exceed your combined salaries for two months. Others say the cost of the rings should be equivalent to three weeks' salary. These are just guidelines, not rules. Make your decision based on your financial picture. If you choose to buy an inexpensive ring now, consider adding stones on each anniversary or design a new ring for your tenth anniversary when you will be able to afford something more expensive.

You may receive a stone or a wedding set from your favourite grandparent, something that has been passed along for generations. If you desire to have something more contemporary, have it remounted in a setting of your choice. Adding different-size stones to the heirloom will allow you to design your own rings combining the new and the old.

Rings from prior marriages carry much history with them, usually not very fond memories, and generally are not used in the new wedding ring set. If you have children from your first marriage, save it for them and give the ring to the first to marry. If you are friendly with your ex-spouse, have it remounted into a cocktail ring or brooch. When there is anger toward your ex-spouse, sell the ring so that there are no old ties and use the money for something you want.

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