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Polina & Vadim, Real Life Wedding

The Canadian Forces pilot surprised Polina with a proposal at the dinner table on New Year’s Eve. Surrounded by knowing friends, Polina remained clueless as they made little jokes about “the question.” When she turned to Vadim and discovered him on one knee, Polina describes the feeling as surreal. “I think the time continuum slowed down when he opened a little turquoise box and asked if I would marry him.” The bride and groom opted for an intimate wedding; inviting 35 close family and friends to witness the exchange of vows at Toronto City Hall, with a sunset cruise to follow. Lovely hydrangeas anchored the royal blue and cream table linens. Everyone played games while the DJ, a close friend, kept them dancing all night. Polina’s favourite memory is of their first dance, “You and I” by Michael Bublé, with the Toronto skyline twinkling in the background.

I love her because when she walks into any room, it lights up and everyone smiles. She is beautiful, smart, gentle and altruistic. In short, she is greater than life itself. I love him because he is so thoughtful of me and others. There is always that sense of being a team in our relationship. He respects and loves me the way I am, despite my quirky ways, and that means the world to me.

We laughed when Vadim was saying his vows; he goofed up a line and everyone had a good laugh, even the officiant. We had a lot of funny moments when some guests had their share of hula-hoop contest mishaps. We cried when Vadim’s mom was making a speech. I think everyone had a tear to shed by the time she was done, even Vadim. Sage advice from Polina: “In the end, you will not remember all the small details that a lot of couples bicker about. You will remember the funny moments, the sweet moments. Make sure those memories are well captured.”

PHOTO: Exclusive Moment Photography

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