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Put a ring on it

According to a recent engagement and jewellery survey, one in four grooms spent more than he originally budgeted. On average, couples are spending just under $5,200 on the engagement ring. Whether they completely designed the ring or made custom changes to an existing design, approximately two out of five grooms (41%) are choosing to add personal elements to the engagement ring. And the ring isn’t such a secret anymore. The majority of brides in the study are at least somewhat involved in the ring selection (65%), with nearly a third (31%) “very involved” – meaning they shopped for and/or purchased the ring with their grooms. The majority of grooms are taking tradition to heart when they propose. In fact, 77% of grooms proposed on bended knee (compared with 70% in 2009) and 71% asked the bride’s parents for permission before popping the question. While a proposal is always an intimate moment, they’re increasingly becoming public affairs. In 2009, 68% of grooms proposed privately, while that number dropped to just over half (57%) in 2011. Perhaps that’s why 43% of grooms meticulously planned the proposal down to the last detail and only 10% of grooms “winged” it.

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