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The many colours of love

Backstory: Wedding Essentials Summer/Fall 2014 Edition, Page 56. PHOTO: Noaki Jewelry | Etsy

There's a wonderful story behind these images of Ashley Carson's brooch bouquet. Ashley loves colour so she opted for a different colour for each of her bridal attendants and then had brooches of each of those colours incorporated into her stunning bridal bouquet.

Not long before Ashley's wedding, her father lost a short battle with a very aggressive cancer - heart-breaking. Her groom's father had passed away a year earlier. Ashley's bouquet incorporated an angel brooch to signify her father. She included two lockets, one with photos of her dad and one with photos of her groom's dad, in her words, so both fathers "could be there to walk with me down the aisle on my wedding day".

Ashley & Luke Carson, we wish you every joy in life as you embrace the colourful journey of marriage.

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