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The story behind the front cover of Summer/Fall 2015

This fresh-as-springtime photo of Wendy Van Dyk was taken not long before she took her wedding vows with Shawn on the beach at The Bahia Principe Akumal resort on the Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Don't you love how wedding photographer Heather Dietz has captured Wendy's anticipation and joy as she is about to marry "the love of her life"? Everything about this photo suggests happiness in the present and looking eagerly into the future.

Wendy and Heather agreed to reminisce about the moment when this very beautiful photo was taken. And I thank them for sharing their memories with us, allowing us to enter their world as the photo was taken that day...

The Bride's Story Wendy relates that she was "excited, anxious and happy - all at the same time, and that she had butterflies in her stomach because it was getting close to the time for the First Look".

Her nine bridesmaids were standing off to the side while this photo was taken. She felt "supported and loved that morning, being surrounded by my bridesmaids, mother and future mother-in-law - I felt very lucky to have so many wonderful women in my life".

"On a comical note, I was crouching down in this picture and when I first got into this position, it was hard for me to balance, because of my wedding gown. Part of the happiness I'm expressing here is probably due to the fact that I was finally able to stay balanced without using my hand or falling over!"

The Wedding Photographer's Story Wedding photographer Heather Dietz shares that she loved shooting Wendy. "She was amazing to work with and fully trusted in me. Because she trusted in my skills as a photographer, I was able to let my creative side emerge fully and the events of the day flow naturally to capture the true emotions."

"There was a small area at the resort's hotel that I found the day before the wedding, when scouting for photo sites. I was looking for places where I could capture the sun and light hitting just right, so I could photograph Wendy and Shawn's wedding celebrations in different moods. And I found this lovely little spot - a grassy area with palm trees around it. I knew that around noon, the sun would be behind tall resort buildings, producing a soft, dreamy light in this beautiful little shady pocket, ideal for pre-wedding photos of Wendy."

"My bride is one of those very kind people who are beautiful inside as well as out; she was a joy to work with. Wendy is kind-hearted and has a tranquil demeanour. She radiates timeless beauty and elegance - and that's exactly how she looked on her wedding day, classically beautiful and elegant."

By Judy Johnson Photos: Heather Dietz Photography

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