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Who goes where and how?

When it comes to moving yourself and the wedding party around, you have a number of options. White chauffeur-driven limousines are popular in the Toronto Region, but don't ignore the obvious benefits of horse-drawn carriages, party buses, vintage cars or sports cars.

For some brides, matching Lincolns or Cadillacs driven by groomsmen can be a fine alternative, especially if you choose black or dark colours that will set off your dress so beautifully.

In contacting limo companies, ask what types are available and the features of each vehicle. Ask if there are any wedding or guest packages.

The procession of vehicles to the cermony: Car #1: Mother. Maid of honour. Optional: An attendant or two. Car #2: Attendants. Car #3: You and your father.

The groom and the best man should make their own arrangements for getting to the ceremony -- preferably at least 30 minutes before. Exception: If pictures are being taken, the men should arrive about two hours in advance of the ceremony.

Out-of-town guests should be able to hitch a ride with friends and relatives. Every designated driver should receive a map, a precise departure point, a departure time and a list of passengers.

Leaving the ceremony, you and your new husband will ride in the car that brought you and your father. Your parents will travel together in a second car. The rest of the wedding party climb aboard the remaining vehicles.

Horse-drawn carriages are an exciting choice during the right time of year. Ask about carriage styles and prices. Carriages can be used in conjunction with conventional wedding vehicles.

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