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4 Deal Breakers You Shouldn't Compromise On

Whether you’re dating or married, there are things you shouldn’t put up with from the person you’re with. You may have become used to certain bad behaviours, which now it seem normal to you.

1. Verbal or physical abuse One type of abuse should never be tolerated because it’s “not as bad” as the other. Any type of abuse is unacceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated. Name-calling is a form of abuse. If it happens once and you give a warning it shouldn’t happen again, but it does, there should be no more warnings. You don’t owe someone a second chance for any type of abusive behaviour, but if you decide to issue one, be prepared to walk away if it happens again. When someone realizes your threats are empty, they often continue the behaviour. 2. Anger issues You don’t want to take a chance with anger issues. If your spouse yells, screams, punches things, throws things, or threatens you in anyway, it’s important you take necessary steps to protect yourself. Even if the anger is not directed at you, it’s critical that you understand one day it could be. You cannot predict if this will happen or not. Someone with anger issues should seek help to find better ways to cope. 3. Laziness Laziness can impact your relationship in a number of ways. You can’t expect an active and adventurous life with someone who would rather sit on the couch watching TV or playing video games all day. Laziness can make a person unambitious and a bad lover. It’s a trait that can negatively affect you if you have goals and dreams for your life. Don’t assume you will inspire and motivate your spouse to change their lazy ways. It will only end up frustrating you when you don’t succeed. 4. Selfishness A person who is selfish doesn’t make a good partner in life. This type of person doesn’t understand give and take. They want every situation to benefit them and expect others to put them first. You might find yourself waiting around for texts and phone calls from them while you are expected to answer within seconds of them contacting you. Someone who expects you to go out of your way to please them, but won’t do the same for you, is selfish. This type of behaviour will cause you to feel as though you aren’t as important as your partner. It’s important to take your deal breakers seriously. If you waver on them and give too many chances, you’ll make it clear you aren’t serious and will let someone do whatever they want. Your deal breakers are meant to keep you from being hurt in the long-run.


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