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Bridal elegance for the fuller figure

As a bride-to-be, you’ll be planning your bridal wear, and perhaps looking out for something that flatters the figure. For larger ladies, this can mean concealing a few bulges and enhancing elegant contours. If you’re after a slim look, this style guide will do the trick for you.


A full-length, flowing dress with bodice cut to a narrow point at the pelvis – rather than cut horizontally at the waist – will accentuate height and elegance. The skirt should fall from the hips, rather than the waist, fanning out gradually as it descends, like a fluted vase upside-down, perhaps sweeping into a train behind. This graceful design will make your figure look slimmer and more slender. As an alternative, a high-waisted cut, with fabric flowing gradually from the bra-line, can sometimes be more effective for an outsize figure. A long veil and fluted sleeves will enhance the effect of either.


Shape-defining lines will highlight the cut and flow of the dress, concealing your personal shape. Choose a dress with lightly accentuated seamlines down the bodice and skirt or add contour markings yourself. You could do this with lines of lace, sequins or delicate beading, in a pretty colour such as silver, pink or blue. Let them follow the downward seams of the skirt and the cut of the bodice. But avoid markings that will show up unintended contours.


High heels and raised hair will balance body width with height, making you look slimmer in the process. Only wear high heels, though, if you can walk in them comfortably and smoothly. Otherwise, put all your added height into your hair and headdress. If your hair is long and thick enough to sweep up gently into a topknot, this will look very elegant. Leave a few loose locks to frame your face and neck. If your hair is too short to put up, let it taper around your face instead, showing up your features and defining your profile. A tiara will add extra height, and a long, light veil will look stunning. The thin mesh will subtly conceal fleshy areas while adding an element of mystery.


Adorn your neck with a dainty necklace in a darker tone, such as rose-pink or violet. This will sharpen your neckline and draw the eye away from any rolls or puffiness. A decorative yoke to your dress will extend the effect over your chest and shoulders. A V-shaped neckline will produce a shapely, tapering effect.


A dainty fan or flower-posy, held over your waist, will hide unwanted bulges and provide a charming adornment. Fans are available in beautiful designs and shades at low cost, and you’ll find plenty to choose from on the Internet. Your bridesmaids could also carry fans, perhaps, for continuity. A flower posy would produce the same effect, especially if arranged in a wide, fanning spray. A pretty, hand-held purse would also serve the purpose.

The most natural way to draw attention from your figure is to let your personality shine out. With that important fact in mind, make sure your chosen attire is comfortable, then relax and enjoy your special day.


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