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Five top tips for working with a wedding coordinator

The perfect wedding day is a lot easier to achieve when you have a wedding coordinator in your corner. But even with a coordinator, things can go wrong. This article offers five tips to help you keep your coordinator happy and efficient, so that you’ll get the best possible results.

You've got the man, you’ve got the ring, you’ve found the venue, you’ve set the date, and along the way you’ve found an important person whose job is to ensure it’s a day to remember. That person is your wedding coordinator. Moan at your mum, disagree with your dad, fight with your fiancé, and get bolshie with your bridesmaids if you must, but whatever you do, stay calm with your coordinator. Here are five top tips to help you work with your wedding coordinator, to achieve the best possible results.

TIP 1: Ask as many questions as you must to ensure that you are well informed about what you can and can’t do at your chosen venue. There are no silly questions and your wedding coordinator will know the answer to almost anything you ask. It’s far better to discuss these things in advance than to surprise your coordinator with a wacky request on the day of the event. Once you’ve chosen the venue, let your coordinator handle all contact with them, so she will be fully aware of any issues that may arise.

TIP 2: Remember that your coordinator is bound by the venue’s rules as well as by your desires. Respect your coordinator’s position when they tell you that something you’d like is not allowed — and don’t shoot the messenger. For example, candles must usually be encased in a votive for safety reasons, bubbles may be prohibited because they make tiled floors slippery, thrown rice can be dangerous to wildlife, balloons can get stuck on high ceilings, and self-serve wrapped sweets typically result in wrappers all over the floor.

TIP 3: Remember you are planning one wedding, but your coordinator may be responsible for the smooth running of up to five weddings a week. Communicate by email rather than phone calls, so your coordinator can print off, file and double-check your requests. A verbal conversation can be forgotten at busy times, even by an efficient coordinator.

TIP 4: For your wedding to be well organized, you must be well organized yourself. As the special day draws close, you will have a final meeting with your coordinator to plan the details. Being prepared for this meeting will save lots of time. Make sure you have all the relevant information about guest numbers, music choices, order of speeches and cake and flower deliveries ready, though naturally your coordinator will give you lots of reminders as time grows short.

TIP 5: On the day itself, there will be little room for error. Help your coordinator by crosschecking your table plan against your seating plan, and pack everything for each table in a clearly numbered box. Put each table’s place cards in an envelope, preferably in the order they are to go around the table. Check the number of favours, ensuring you have enough to go around. Advise your coordinator of any last-minute changes to the guest list as soon as you can, so that they can add or remove chairs before your guests arrive, and adjust the numbers with the caterer. Your job is to look happy and gorgeous, and to enjoy every minute of your day. By keeping your wedding coordinator informed about your plans and ideas, you can ensure that everything runs smoothly, while you have the wedding day of your dreams.


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