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10 Great Dates Your Man Will Love

Today’s woman doesn’t have to wait to be asked out by a man. Whether it’s your first date with someone who has caught your attention or a romantic night with your life partner, you can take charge by planning a fantastic experience.

Do you need some ideas for plans that will wow your man? Here are 10 great dates guys will love.

1. Find a baseball game A live baseball game is a blast, whether you go to see a major league team or the kids from your local high school. Minor league baseball is inexpensive and usually includes lots of audience participation. If you want a break from the crowds, you can always grab seats in the back row and snuggle up.

2. Glide on the ice Ice skating sets the stage for the perfect date. You will always have something to do, so you don’t have to worry about forcing conversation. The cold weather activity is exhilarating and fun. Slips and trips give you an opportunity to grab onto your man, and you can always end the date with a creamy cup of hot chocolate. 3. Work it out Ask your man to accompany you to the gym, and you will discover that working out is a great way to get close. Having a workout partner helps you push yourself harder and gives you a chance to support each other. You can also engage in some light-hearted competition. When it’s over, you may also discover that a workout can get your blood moving and give your sex drive a healthy boost. 4. Catch a wave Don’t merely take your date to hang out on the beach. Kick up the energy by bringing along some surfboards. If you’ve never gone surfing before, set up a couple’s lesson to learn how. 5. Watch some football Set yourself up for an intimate, but sporty, time together. Make hoagies, chili or other great game-watching food. Then hang out together on the sofa and root for your favorite football team. 6. Take a shot at the firing range Practicing your target-shooting skills can be a good activity for getting better acquainted with each other. Go to a local firing range where you can shoot at targets. If you know a lot about firearms, try a new gun. If you’re new to the sport, you can learn how to shoot. 7. Show off your inner geek at a convention Get tickets to a convention where you can dress up as your favorite comic book character, superhero or another cultural icon. These conventions are highly popular right now and provide an excellent place for people to get together and celebrate what they love. 8. Get dirty on four wheels Rent a four-wheeler and go off road for some down and dirty adventure. You’ll enjoy splashing through muddy trails together, and you might find yourself stuck in a private and romantic location. 9. Check out a car show Head to a car show to see what’s happening in the world of automobiles. Whether your preference is for classic muscle cars or new, luxury vehicles, you are sure to find something exciting. If you can, take a test drive. 10. Plan your escape Escape rooms are a trendy activity that will test your problem-solving skills. Make a reservation at an escape room where you and your date can try to think your way out of a tight situation. When it comes to planning a date with a guy, try to get creative. These 10 ideas will help you think of something new and fun that is sure to sweep him off his feet.


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