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The perfect bridesmaid proposal

Congrats on your recent engagement! You have basked in the well wishes of friends and family, celebrated between the two of you, and somehow achieved what I think is one of the hardest tasks of wedding planning: picking your bridesmaids. Now comes the fun part… asking them!

While you definitely don’t need to do an elaborate “proposal”, if budget allows I am strongly on the “pro” side. Not only are these your very best friends, possibly your sister or sister-in-law, and maybe a cousin, but they are going to buy the dress you pick, throw you a party, and generally be there to support you every step of the way.

You know your bridesmaids best! If there is something special and sentimental, or simply a favourite of hers, consider customizing each gift to reflect the friend receiving it! If you can, feel out the idea of being a bridesmaid with your friends before asking. It may come as a surprise to your friend that you were thinking of her!

Be prepared for the answer to be “no”. It is hard to hear, or imagine, but a friend may think that it will be too costly, time consuming, or too much work to participate. While it may be hard to hear, accept her answer with grace, and continue to invite her to celebrations such as your engagement party or bridal shower! The decision of attending will rest with her, and she will still feel included.


Before you put anything else in the proposal, include a thoughtful note. Write about why her friendship matters so much to you, and why you want her there on your special day! I love how affordable Vistaprint’s cards are – and that you can customize them! This pink card would go perfectly with a bottle of sparkling rosé, while this wild floral theme could be the perfect prelude to your outdoor wedding!


Spring and summer always call for sparkling rosé. Henkell Rose Piccolo has berry and citrus flavours, and comes in a package with three mini bottles for $12.85. Perfect for gifting! If you would rather gift a full size bottle, my favourites include Fresh Sparkling Rosé ($15.95), and Lola Blush Pelee Island ($14.95), both from Ontario!


Essie makes some of the prettiest nail polishes, period. I am obsessed with their gel couture collection – available in countless shades, once sealed with the top coat, the polish stays chip free for days. My top picks for weddings include “Satin Slipper,” “Lace Me Up,” and “Bubbles Only.”


Why not include a favourite photo of you and the bridesmaid-to-be? Lately I have been obsessing over all of the pretty home décor that can be found at Zara Home. This gold metal frame ($29.90) would add an elegant pop of colour to any room, while this blush Octagonal Metal Frame ($27.90) is perfectly on trend. Anthropologie never disappoints with whimsical home décor. Their Mercury Glass Frame ($24) is one of their top rated products, and is the perfect balance between neutral and statement.


If you are talented at baking, perhaps consider whipping up some treats in your own kitchen. But, if baking isn’t your strong suit… Bobbette & Belle crafts some of the prettiest floral cupcakes you can imagine. I love the “Garden in Bloom” ($5 each) style!

Le Dolci has taken the unicorn trend to the next level with their popular unicorn cake, and these adorable unicorn sugar cookies ($5 each) available in pink and white. World famous French bakery, Ladurée has recently come to Canada, with locations in Vancouver and Toronto. Best known for their delicate macarons, a box of these would surely delight any prospective bridesmaid.


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